Strategic Guidance For Technology Businesses
TSJ Consulting Inc.
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What services do I provide?
I help technology businesses boost their performance by updating and refining their strategic roadmap. My areas of focus include: product planning, positioning, go-to-market strategies, partnerships and pitch development. I can also consider interim / part-time executive positions.

Who for?
Technology businesses of all sizes across the IT spectrum from networking, robotics and semiconductors through enterprise software to cloud computing, Internet businesses and mobile applications. I am based in the Boston area and happy to travel.

What business problems do I solve?
To be competitive and build value in today’s business climate, a company must operate “lean and mean.” But a streamlined management team often doesn’t have the bandwidth to pay enough attention to the strategic roadmap.

As a result, strategies often develop haphazardly, or stay unchanged while the market shifts around them. The result is that far too much energy and resources go into the wrong campaigns, the wrong products, the wrong customers and the wrong partners.

What are my credentials?
To provide these services, I draw on experience and insights from over 30 years as a strategy consultant, venture capitalist and senior marketing professional.

More Info:
Please check this site for more details on my services, experience and biography.

Or click here to download a pdf describing my services


“Roger is familiar with the often-conflicting demands of market opportunity, customer needs and resource constraints. He is adept at leading a process to define a product roadmap that is aligned with a company’s business goals.”

Wilbert van den Hoek, CTO Novellus and advisory board member Neah Power Systems



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